Trendivian™ Fortress Building Toys

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Ever have a kid constantly remodeling your living room, moving around the furniture and tearing apart your couch all to build the next greatest fort ?


Not only that, this is also a great way to promote problem solving and creativity. They will configure in it many ways and will also figure out they can use furniture for supports and make their structures even bigger.

It brings a sense of satisfaction and will ensure continuous innovation on your child's part.


Trendivian™ is industry-leading when it comes to versatility. It is made using intelligent modular engineering. The balls are solid and strong with many holes for different configurations.

The poles are hollow and have flex to help accommodate complex structures. Take it apart everyday to make something new.

In addition to regular forts, some of our most creative customers have created magic wands, giant snowflakes, an obstacle course,nerf gun battle,stations etc. 

There are endless configurations, and just non-stop ways to use your imagination. That is why kids love Trendivian™ so much !


Trendivian™ is great for motor skills and a perfect family activity for multiple age groups of children. Pieces are durable, tough, and large enough to be manhandled by even toddlers. 


It can be tricky to find toys or activities that your kids with large age differences can do together. Trendivian™ is perfect though ! They'll love working together to design different forts and go on different adventures. 

Assembling is very easy and straightforward. Even more complex shapes may not be extremely challenging for intelligent children of any age.


1 x Tent 146 x 120cm

55 x Ball

100 x Stick

1 x Manual