Professional Yoga Circle Pilates

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You can't put a price on a good workout. Our Circle Magic Ring has been shown to improve your exercise, strengthen Si joints, improve body posture and improve strength on any muscles in 2 weeks or your money back guaranteed. 

Made of high-strength fiberglass fiber material, the Professional Yoga Circle Pilates is designed to fit all sizes. It's perfect for people who don't have lots of time to work out in a day. This ring gives such good resistance that you can do many fewer reps and get better results. Our Circle Pilates is lightweight and very inexpensive which you can use anywhere at home, work, office or when you're traveling!


The Professional Yoga Circle Pilates is one of the most versatile new fitness tools on the market. They are lightweight and very inexpensive which makes them the perfect workout companion. 

If you’re afraid of bulking up or getting injured due to the high intensity, here’s the good news:

1) The Professional Yoga Circle Pilates can be used several times a week for optimal results without resulting in a bulky build

2) It is less likely to result in injury using the Professional Yoga Circle Pilates due to its low maximum resistance threshold, which means it is suitable for seniors and rehabilitation as well!

No matter your life stage, this Professional Yoga Circle Pilates is designed to meet you where you are. Low-impact exercises with the Professional Yoga Circle Pilates can help serve as pregnancy, elderly, post-surgery, or physical therapy care.



Look and feel the difference

The Professional Yoga Circle Pilates delivers results and elevates your fitness routine whether you are in a workout class or your living room. By utilizing the fitness ring’s resistance you’ll be able to sculpt problem areas like outer and inner thighs, upper arms, abs, and chest.

Tone Your Core

Keep the 9-5 pm computer slouch at bay! Strengthen your shoulders, abdominals, and biceps in a few swift movements.

Enhance Strength and Flexibility

Wind down from a hard day's work by stretching and toning your upper back, triceps, and forearms.

Build Strength Daily

Help improve the agility of your calves, thighs, and hips in a quick 30-minute window before hopping in the car to commute.

Durable Design for Daily Workouts

The sturdy steel magic ring is 14-inches in diameter and covered in durable rubber, so no matter how much you twist, turn, and squeeze it, the shape will hold. Comfortable foam handles on the inside and outside of each side make it easy to grip in your hands and place between your feet or knees. Long-lasting and easy to transport, it’s excellent for taking to the workout studio or for your everyday workouts at home to build strength and stamina. Suit your personal style by choosing one of four colors: black, blue, purple, or pink.