High-Quality Silky Satin Skin Care Pillowcase

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Why choose the satin pillowcase?

1. Why is it good to sleep on a satin pillowcase?

❤When you lie on a satin pillowcase, the oils from your strands are maintained rather than soaked up, leaving your hair nourished rather than dry. At the same time, this is especially beneficial for hair types that are prone to frizz, such as coarse hair types or girls who have wiry curls.

2. Are satin pillowcases good for your hair?

❤ Yes. Satin pillowcases also have a smooth slip to them—they’re like the sexy lingerie of pillowcases and they’re super gentle on skin and hair—so they won’t leave sheet indentations on your skin when you wake up (bonus!), and the fabric allows your strands to flow freely over it without friction. This is what causes the not-cute version of bedhead, which is exactly why you should want to invest in a satin pillowcase.


Sleep Comfortably

-High-Quality Silky Satin Skin Care Pillowcase is designed to provide you with comfortable sleep in several ways. -The High-Quality Silky Satin Skin Care Pillowcase features an envelope closure design. -Your pillow will be held securely inside the satin pillowcase, and there are no zippers to poke at you while you sleep.

-Satin pillowcases are naturally cooler to the touch, and they remain cooler as you sleep.

-This makes them an excellent option for people who run warm, or for use in the warmer months.

Washing Instructions(You can throw it right into the washing machine. )

*Wash Separately Before
*Machine Wash Cold
*Gentle Cycle
*Only Non-Chlorine Bleach when Needed
*Tumble Dry Low
*Light Iron as Needed