Garden Shaking Head Owl Decoy - Buy 2 For Free Shipping

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    • Say Goodbye To All Those Annoying Singing Birds, Rodents & Pests Once & For All!

      Natural Enemy Scarecrow helps repel birds and pests while adding charm!!

      • Gardener Rotating-Head Owl Realistic head bobs and turns in gentle breezes
      • Helps repel birds and pests while adding charm
      • Realistic head bobs and turns freely in the breeze which repels birds and pests
      • Hand painted for maximum realism and effectiveness
      • Usage ideas: vegetable gardens, flower gardens, decks, boat docks, rafters, barns, open porches, patios
      • Non-chemical pest control

      Introducing The Realistic Scarecrow Fake Owl Decoy For Ultimate Garden Protection!

      • KEEP ALL BIRDS & RODENTS AWAY FROM YOUR GARDEN – The realistic design combined with the life-like colors will add that muchneeded extra layer of garden protection.
      • A NATURAL ENEMY OF BIRDS & PESTS TO THE RESCUE – The hawk-like beak and eye-catching spotted feathers will easily fool all singing birds or squirrels and scare them away.
      • MAKE PIGEONS, SQUIRRELS & WOODPECKERS GO THE OTHER WAY – The robust and terrifying realistic scarecrow owl will keep all those irritating birds and pests away day and night.

      Birds squirrel mice mouse pests


      • Size: 18*19*46cm
      • Package: Garden Shaking Head Owl Decoy*1