Gameboy Phone Case iOS

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Do you miss playing the classics? 

Revive your nostalgic childhood memories or create new ones while turning the back of your iPhone into a Game Boy! With this phone case, you will never be bored again! 

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Take your arcade game passion on the road with the Game Boy Case, which includes 36 built-in games with names like Tetris, Pac-Man, Super Mario Bros, and many more.

Imagine what it must be like to wait for the subway or cab while reminiscing moments from your childhood with a phone case.

7 hours of autonomy

You can play even if you do not have the case on your phone because it does not use the battery of the phone.

It is a case that is charged separately with the appropriate micro USB cable.

Kill time, not your iPhone battery.

Full protective case with shock cover. Ensures that your phone is protected from any fall.

The case is made of polycarbonate, which makes it very resistant to shocks. In addition, it does not bulge, it has the thickness of a normal case.

The iPhone case contains all these games:

1. Super Contra

13. Ice Climber

25. Olympic

2. Super Mario Bro

14. Pac-Man

26. 1942

3. Tetris

15. Mario Bros

27. Macross Fortress

4. Bomber man

16. Tennis

28. Star Force

5. Balloon Fight

17. Circus

29. Road Racing

6. Donkey Kong

18. Pooyan

30. Badminton 

7. Excitebike

19. Battle City

31. Sky Destroyer

8. Galaga

20. F1 Race

32. Bomb Jack

9. Spartan X

21. Pin Ball

33. Chinese Chess

10. Arkanoid

22. Soccer

34. Street Fighting 

11. Five Chess

23. Lode Runner

35. Mappy

12. Mahjong

24. Nuts Milk

36. Penguin Kun Wars