Expandable Flexible Water Hose Spray

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    • 😊Multi-functions in 1 expandable flexible water hose spray.😊

      The hottest water spray in 2020. It comes with 7 modes: cone, full, mist, jet, shower, flat, and center. Each mode corresponding to different ways of using, such as washing cars, irrigation, cleaning the back yard, and clean stairs.

      This expandable flexible water hose spray will bring you lots of fun. Washing cars by yourself will save costs in the long term and you will enjoy the process. On the weekend, you can simply install it and clean your back yard or irrigate your garden with it.

      Highly-resistant hose, expandable up to 15 meters. After use, it comes back to the original dimensions once you released the remaining waters inside the tube. Just practical to disassemble and to place in the bag. So that enables a perfect drying.


      • Flexible and durable and the chance of breaking is lower than 1 in 1000. 
      • Can expand to corresponding 75 FT in the water filling process. 
      • Automatically recovers to original shrinkable length when the water is shut off. 
      • The hose is wrapped with high-class fabric, both beautiful and wear-resistant. 
      • Great for many watering and cleaning uses: garden, car-washing shop, RV, pool, boat, etc. 
      • Grip handle is contoured with soft-touch covering. 
      • Rear trigger has a locking mechanism for constant spray.
      • Flow control for variable water flow.
      • Nozzle adjusts from jet to fine spray.
      • Light weight, compact and portable
      • Will not twist, tangle, or kink, durable construction
      • Polyester fabric outside to protect the inner tube


      • Material: latex core, fabric, ABS
      • 25-foot hose length: 2.2 meters / 7.2 feet to 6.2 meters / 20 feet (before / after spraying)
      • 50-foot hose length: 4.2 meters / 14 feet to 16 meters / 52 feet (before / after spraying)
      • 75-foot hose length: 6.5 meters / 21 feet to 22 meters / 72 feet (before / after spraying)
      • 100-foot hose length: 8.5 meters / 28 feet to 28 meters / 91 feet (before / after spraying)

      Packaging includes:

      • 1 x expandable hose
      • 1 x nozzle