Door Stop Alarm

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  • 'I feel much safer knowing that I'll get an alarm if someone tries to break in while I'm asleep.  It's loud enough to wake the dead.  :)'  -- Jessie

    'Lots of people overlook hotel security. When staying at a hotel or motel
    You can't be sure who else has keys.' -- 
    Nancy Welch

    'Those are great. I have some alarms on my window. I still need one for my door.' -- Elise Mason

    'I am on the road more then I'm home so this is perfect for me.' -- Alban Joseph

    Dual Function: Can be used as a doorstop alarm and door stopper, Its high damping rubber bearing can prevent the door sliding and prevent the bad guys into. A protector around you. It can be used at home and travel.

    3 Level of Sensitivities: High - Medium - Low Sensitivities. Which depends on the distance door touch the door stop alarm.
    Loud Alarm: Very loud shrill that would definitely scare someone away with 120db alarm. Weight: 4.5 oz.
    Powered by 9V Battery: The door stop alarm powered by 9V battery, One piece can be used for a year under normal circumstances.
    Easy to Use: no installation required, Simply place the alarm behind any door (home, hotel, etc). It is very convenient to take with you when travel or stay indoor alone. A really must have around you.

    Product Specification:

    • Alarm volume: 120DB
    • Product size: 140x45x40 mm.
    • Product weight: 90G
    • Sensitivity L file: low sensitivity.
    • Sensitivity M file: sensitivity.
    • Sensitivity H file: high sensitivity (vibration alarm)