2 in 1 Chilling Cap

$29.00 USD $35.00 USD
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1. Made from High-Quality and Environment Friendly Cotton:

Our Cap is soft to the touch, breathable, not stuffy, durable, comfortable and light. It is perfect for all Summer Occasions, be it a Pool Party, a Hike, Walk, or a day Work. Our 1 in 2 Chilling Cap will keep you cool though out the day.

2. Keep it Cool:
Our Re-chargable Fan is Covered and Safe. With Adjustable Power Level to keep you from the Heat of Summer while participating in Fun, Productive Activities.
3. Adjustable:
Our 2 in 1 Chilling Cap is Uniquely Designed with Adjustable Fan Angle to be most Comfortable, best suit your every needs and all Situations.
4. Long and Environment Friendly Battery:
Our 600mAh Lithium Battery will keep you Cool though out the Day of all Activities and can be easily recharged via our USB cable. Only 1 Hours of charge is enough for 24 Hours of Cooling time!.

5. Adjustable Size that fits Everyone !
Our 2 in 1 Chilling Cap is the perfect gift for family and friends. It is suitable for traveling, fishing, climbing, playing golf, gathering in the square, watching drama, watching football matches and other outdoor activities. The Fan is also Removable for Easy Cleaning.

Packing List:

1 * 2 in 1 Chilling Cap

1 * Charing USB Cable